“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

–  Winston S. Churchill

Business Intelligence

The point of Business Intelligence (BI) is to improve business. This is made possible by the relationship between humans and machines. Humans provide the intelligence and machines provide the processing power. Intelligence refers to people’s business know-how, understanding of data, skill sets. Processing power refers to hardware and software for quick and intuitive data manipulation.

Business people should be able to derive value from data. By combining intelligent ideas ( ? ) with good data ( ∴ ) and high function ( ƒ ), businesses should be able to achieve success ( ! ) in business intelligence:

? idea + ∴ data + ƒ function = ! success


Predictive Enough?

Back in early 2000s, Business Intelligence professionals were talking about the novelty of automated cross advertizing. An example could be advertizing greeting cards to someone who just purchased a gift, or vice versa. If you bought a present then you must need a greeting card, so how about some of the choices right there, presented to …